And we all sing along, and think of things we should’ve done

I had a great new years. We were meant to be going to the beach at Inverloch like we did last year, but someone swooped in there before us and snaffled the place. Boo. So we decided to host it at our place.

We ended up with nine people, which I thought was pretty good. We would have only had seven but Alex and Ben came and crashed the party as a surprise. Which I thought was awesome. I would have been more excited, in fact I was planning something like this but I was busy reading something to the man’s Mum when they walked in and missed my opportunity.

Oh well. We had an awesome night. Everyone was outside until this hit:

At which point we scrambled inside, well some people chose to stand and drink beer in the rain. Ahem. No, it wasn’t me.

Guitar hero was played, a lot. Which is kind of daggy I know, but I think everyone had fun. We also had a game of Kings Cup. Also daggy actually. But I had fun doing that too. Especially as I didn’t lose. There was even an impromptu group sing-a-long of ‘piano man’. Don’t know how it happened, but it did.

I drank a fair bit but didn’t get ‘jenu-drunk’ which is the new play on ‘Tucker Max drunk‘. Not that I get like Tucker Max. But recently I did ‘vandalise’ a certain blanket. Which I have washed three times since. If anything it was a good thing as Shell has not mentioned wanting it since.

I was only drinking beer, not tumblers of vodka which made a big difference. As they say, aaaaaannnnywaay.

So that is two good new years in row. Both years, very quiet no big plans. I’ll wait another year before I say the curse of ‘new years sucks’ is broken.

– Jen

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2 Responses to And we all sing along, and think of things we should’ve done

  1. shellbell43 says:

    My two best new years have been with you guys. I’m sticking with you from now on!

  2. squirrelisthenewblack says:

    I feel you on the ‘new years sucks.’ i’ve always thought it the most overrated event ever – so much pressure to have a huge night! I think a handful of friends is the way to do it. (that being said, I spent it with my parents… don’t tell anyone.)

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