Come for breakfast and stay for beers

My friend Alex and I had our weekly, or bi-weekly, or tri-weekly (depending on how sick we are of each other) date today. We were supposed to be having brunch on Chapel St. Which we did. But it was such a nice day…..

So after brunch we walked down to St Kilda Rd to the lovely Belgian Beer Garden. Which was practically empty. So we decided to have a beer there and plot our next move. We decided on a leisurely Sunday pub crawl. Our next stop was St Kilda, well St Kilda beach. I don’t think I’ve ever been there before but the man says differently. We ended up at the Espy which I have definitely never been to before. They had posters up saying Reel Big Fish are playing in a few weeks. How cool.

Anyway, our crawl ended there, so it was more of a ‘pub park’, because we parked ourselves there for a couple of hours and drank a lot of beer. Its very very relaxing sitting outside, drinking but you have that dread. The ‘its Monday tomorrow’ dread. Or the ‘I don’t want to stand up’ dread. We ended up getting a snack at Nando’s for afternoon tea…or lunch…or something. Then meandered our way back to Moonee Ponds where I was in charge of ‘cooking’ dinner.

I felt like I had to blog about today because it was so nice. Beautiful weather, great company…and beer!

I’m up late drinking copious amounts of water so I can handle the heat tomorrow…and hopefully ward off a hangover. 43 degrees yikes! Yes, I’m riding. I’m no fool! The trains won’t run anyway.

Oh and of course I forgot to take my camera today. Which usually isn’t a big deal but Alex forgot hers too. Bugger.

– Jen

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