There is talk of revolution in the quiet suburbs

Last night we went and saw The Guild League play at the Northcote Social Club. They. Were. Brilliant.

Well I thought so anyway. I’ve been listening to The Lucksmiths all week, so to have Tali White standing a metre away from me at the bar was really exciting. For everyone else I guess he is a guy that plays in a local band. But here is the guy who is singing all the songs I currently love. I was a little ‘star’ struck.

Now I knew I liked The Guild League, I got all their albums for Christmas but I’m still not overly familiar with all their songs. There is one song I play regularly, ‘Jet Set Go’ which is one of their most popular songs (judging from the people in the crowd who kept shouting out for them to play it). But yeah, wouldn’t have been able to name some of the songs they were playing.

They started off with ‘If not now’ a song from their latest album, Speak Up… and it was awesome. “There is talk of revolution in the quiet suburbs and a year ago you would have said that was absurd”. I highly recommend if you download the song at from iTunes and give it a listen.

I really enjoyed the whole thing. I probably didn’t enjoy the three tequila shots I did, but at least I can handle tequila better than vodka. Sabriyah, one of Dr Ben’s friends had gotten a promotion so her and I did a tequila shot each to celebrate. We bought a Jack Daniels shot for Dr Ben (at the man’s insistence that he would like one). I had a tiny taste and got that stinging jaw feeling you get when you might throw up. Dr Ben said there was no way he’d drink it. I briefly considered it, but tried to get Sabriyah to have it instead. She wouldn’t have a bar of it, until I said I’d do two tequila shots to her one JD shot. She eagerly accepted.

Such fun. After that we had to leave because we hadn’t eaten…and some of us really needed to. We went and smashed some souvlakis and then headed home. I slept the whole way, well Northcote to Moonee Ponds.

I only wish I had of taken some photos, but didn’t feel it was appropriate. One of those things where you just enjoy the experience (more on that later).

– Jen

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