Social Notworking

I know, I haven’t blogged in awhile. I’ve been busy with job applications, and just life in general.

I’m here to speak to you (or write to you) today about Social Notworking. Social networking is starting to ‘not work’ for me. I’m feeling a bit ‘over it’. One of my good friends deleted her facebook account the other day and I’m almost considering doing the same thing. I still check it once a day, but rarely update my status, and if I do its through the #fb hashtag on Twitter.

I’m still using Twitter but not as much. Could just be a funk I’m in ..but I just can’t be arsed. I’m a bit poopy with my phone at the moment which probably isn’t helping. Since discovering Foursquare in January I’ve become Mayor of six places. I took over the gym, coffee shop, pub, office building, weekend coffee shop and of course, my house. But now it has stopped working and won’t let me check in. Do I bother trying to figure out the issue? Its sure to be complicated and time consuming, the phone is from Optus, but I’m using my Telstra sim. It’s a Blackberry Pearl and usually well behaved. Argh.

I did read something in the Herald Sun the other day about Gen Y abandoning Facebook. I guess this is kind of like that. Facebook definitely shits me at the moment, but I have totally different ‘tweeps’ on Twitter (compared to FB friends). I don’t know all of them personally, mostly from reading their blogs. Most are based in Melbourne. My Facebook friends are all people I know, I’m pretty sure I’ve met all of them at least once.

But I still love blogging, and can’t see myself giving it up anytime soon. I just wish I blogged more, then maybe I’d get recognised on the street too! I need to make that a priority. Blogging more, not getting recognised in the street…

I do know one thing that would get me back in the social networking game – an iphone. I don’t think I’m usually a materialistic person, usually I buy things based on them being something I need. Which is definitely NOT an iphone. But its top of the list of things I want. Do want an iphone. Why? I have no idea! Brilliant marketing I guess. Call me slow, but I was excited to find the touch pad on my Macbook zooms in and out just like an iphone does.

Welp, this post reeks of Gen Y doesn’t it? Pe-ew!

– Jen

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2 Responses to Social Notworking

  1. Hey thanks for mentioning my blog!
    I was reading somewhere how abandoning Facebook is a huge opportunity cost – you will lose so many contacts.
    I think since I bought my Macbook I have been using Twitter less, going back to old Facebook habits and doing more blogs. Why? I find Twitter hard to use in its form and have not installed any other platform for it. I prefer Twitter on my iPhone. Facebook is good because I can see pictures and stuff on the screen as opposed to my iPhone. (I went facebook/twitter mobile for a few months with my ipod touch and iphone, but macbook is just as portable in the home and easier to use.) I like to blog because it helps me practise writing and articulates my thoughts.

    I don’t recommend an iPhone. I have one and my microphone broke so no one could hear me on calls. I could hear them. I got a replacement iPhone but I htink it is happening again 😦

  2. Ren says:

    Facebook still works for me. I can keep tabs on certain people and make certain things known through that particular grapevine which has had more effect than anything else I’ve used.

    Though I miss my old-fashioned ranty blogging I used to do sometimes.

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