Ceasing and desisting.

Well yunno, people were happy about the iinet victory. Weren’t they? I guess I didn’t realise what would come next.

About a week or so ago we got emailed a letter from our ISP. The basic gist of it was, “you gotta stop downloading, the man is watching you”. Not my the man, “the man” the man. Yes, apparently we’re being watched and our I.P address has been identified by the owners of copyrighted material as having downloaded said copyrighted material. They recommended we stop.

Which we did. I’ve been paying for music for a long time now so that’s not an issue. But yes, no more freshly downloaded tv shows for us. Which is all we download!  No movies, just tv shows.

But yes, while we’re small fry in the download game we got out real quick.

Anyone else had this happen recently?

– Jen

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One Response to Ceasing and desisting.

  1. Wow, so it really happens. Big Brother is really watching!

    I pay for my music on most occasions. Sometimes if I want to try some music out before I buy I download.

    But piracy seems really hard.

    Every time I try to download a movie or TV show, it doesn’t work.

    I was not born to be a pirate.

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