Tramps like us, baby we were born to run

Well I’m getting better. Did I mention I haven’t run properly since before the wedding? Well I haven’t. Did a little bit too much with my run club and riding to work everyday – and well gosh – nowhere NEAR enough stretching. All this made my achilles very very unhappy with me. Both legs actually. After strengthening, stretching, massages, osteo appointments, more stretching, and MORE strength work….I am happy to report four months later it is starting to come good.

I’m up to running 3 x 7 minutes tomorrow, which is HUGE. On Thursday I ran 3 x 6 minutes which was the happiest I’ve been running since before I got injured. I’m running a slow 6 minute km so it was nice to say I’d run 3km. To think before the wedding I’d think nothing of cranking out 10-12 kms and then riding to work. Sigh…

I’ve started doing a strength class on Monday nights which pretty much gives me an instant six pack. But its made a difference! After the strength class I do a stretch class. Its better I do it as a class rather than stretching on my own which I hate! At first I wasn’t very good at it, but I’m probably up to about my 5th or 6th class and I’m finally starting to ‘get it’. There was this one stretch, for the piriformis (google it) which I just could not *get*. It would hurt my hips to do, and was frustrating watching everyone else being able to do it. But finally, after all my work this week I could finally do this. I was so excited I couldn’t stop grinning!

So slowly slowly one step at a time. I certainly won’t be going back to running like I was anytime soon. After I get up to being able to run 1 x 20 mins I can increase it by 2 mins. I calculated that if I make every running session, so three times a week I will be able to run for an hour by the 21st of April. So if I say June as a more realistic goal – I should be able to run 10km by June.

Fingers crossed!

– Jen

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