Baker D.Chirico Pop-Up

A couple of weeks ago a friend from work and I visited the recently opened Baker D.Chirico pop-up shop in Crossley St. It was great! I think that Shell would really love it. I picked up some really nice fruit bread, a bargain at $5.90. Considering I pay $6 for 2 slices of similar fruit bread and a coffee at my local cafe – $5.90 for a whole loaf was pretty good. My friend got some bomboloni and lemon almond shortbread – by all reports also delicious! We had a meeting at work the next week and picked up some of the shortbread and an almond croissant  which was unreal.

We will be visiting them during March as their hot cross buns are supposed to be amazing. It’s a very ‘Melbourne’ place, sitting quietly in a lane way opposite Gingerboy.

Open Tuesdays to Fridays 8am – 6pm until April 1st.

– Jen

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