Sydney – through the eyes of a Melbourne snob.

There. I’m a snob. I don’t mind saying it and I won’t argue with you about it, I’m a snob.

Sydney was never going to do it for me. Its a big confusing place with incredibly expensive public transport. The man hated it.

We paid about $11 to get from the airport into Central Station, then about $7 just to ride around the ‘city circle’ all day and then another $7 for a ticket out to Penrith. It has to be something we stuffed up because that is ridiculous.

Granted, you can’t GET a train out to Melbourne airport and a taxi now costs us about $30. But the trains, buses and trams are all one price – and I don’t think its that confusing!

We got in around 10, and went into Central to drop our bags. Then we went down to Circular Quay and the man was suitably impressed by the Harbour Bridge. We were going to go and climb the pylon but I took us the wrong way and we ended up underneath it instead of on the road. Being snobs, we didn’t really care to see it anyway (and I’ve done it before) so we walked around The Rocks for a bit. It’s a nice area I’ll give it that. We ended up at the Lowenbrau which the man rated as the highlight of Sydney.

After our enormous lunch we decided to go and see a friend at the restaurant he works at, Rambutan on Oxford St.

On the way there we went past Hyde Park and so we had a stickybeak in the war memorial (more on that later).

We found the restaurant without too much difficulty, but we should have realised that he’d feed us and I think before we’d even sat down he’d talked to the chef. Soon Salt and pepper squid with a lemon, salt and chilli dipping sauce came out and then some chicken and sweet corn wontons, oh and then some chicken, lemongrass and mint in lettuce cups (kind of like san choi bao). We were STUFFED!

After that we headed back to Central to get our luggage and then catch the train out to Penrith. We didn’t have to wait too long before Dad came and collected us and took us back to Warragamba where we were staying.

More to come….

– Jen

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3 Responses to Sydney – through the eyes of a Melbourne snob.

  1. Daniel says:

    Sydney’s airport train is notoriously expensive (and yet very fast and convenient, I thought).

    Overall apart from the airport, Sydney PT fares are generally cheaper for a single trip, but expensive if you’re doing lots of journeys, such as tourists do. They’re making some reforms in a month or two, but IIRC it won’t make much difference for short term tourists.

    There’s a lot I like about Sydney. You can’t beat the harbour and the bridge. But I’m happy enough not living there 🙂

  2. mrthedj says:

    Every time I go to Sydney I find it hard not to think, ‘what a hole this place is!’ However whenever I get a glimpse of that sparkling blue water all is forgiven. Despite the harbour being one of the most amazing places on earth it doesn’t make up for old Melbourne town’s understated approach to liveability. It’s no coincidence that Melbourne is the fastest growing major city in Australia.

  3. skye says:

    Hi, I was just told you’re following me on twitter, so i thought id check your blog out 🙂
    I’m a Melbourne snob too, can TOTALLY relate!
    Cultureless and expensive bloody city, Sydney is!

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