All these days and nights, thinking the same thing with a rhythm

So. My excuse.

The reason I’ve been a slack blogger is, yet again – work. I’m acting at a higher level again – so two levels above my substantive position. Last week I had an interview for the position I’ve been acting in for 3 + years. Pressure much?

Obviously I can’t talk about it but I am proud to say that I did my absolute best and as a wise man says that’s all you can do.

An interesting equation came out of the past two weeks though. It goes WS + IS = NS. Or, work stress and interview stress equals no sleep.

I’ve never ever had a problem falling asleep before – at least not as an adult. But this was unbelievable . I just could NOT sleep. They say if you go to bed and haven’t fallen asleep within 20-30 minutes you should get up, so I tried this on one of the nights. But nothing. I was getting maybe 30 minute naps a couple of times a night. Absolutely mental. I wasn’t even sure if it WAS the interview or the work thing. By the time my interview day came around I was just going on adrenaline – well that and Baker D. Chirico’s hot cross buns.

So when I got home after my interview I was obviously looking forward to be able to sleep. Then the man presented me with my iPhone – so I guess I was a bit excited. But then I went to bed – and nothing. No sleep.

I was a bit freaked out because then I thought…what if I never sleep! What if I am now an insomniac! The next day was my birthday and I was really apprehensive about going to bed. But luckily I must have relaxed and I slept like a baby. Everything is good now but phew.

So to summarise: In true jenu (or jenf if you prefer) style I was stressed and couldn’t sleep – then when I had nothing to stress about I was stressed about not being able to sleep because I was stressed.

Good one. See photo for proof of a tired jenu (yes, or jenf)

– Jen

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