Baker D. Chirico or Baker D. Awesome

So Thuy my work buddy and I made sure we got value out of the Easter Baker D.Chirico pop-up. A pop-up you say? Yes a pop-up indeed-elly. Er…. I’ve talked about it before.

Anyway. This is a shop in the true Melbourne style that I love. A shop that ‘pops-up’ on special occasions that isn’t heavily advertised. It’s also in Crossley St so wouldn’t get a lot of foot traffic – well unless you were going to Gingerboy.

Hands down the best hot cross buns I’ve ever had. Here are some photos of the shop (the blurry ones are my camera shyness I spoke about in my last post).

The last pop-up was in the week before Christmas and I can’t wait for the next one. Thuy is a big fan of ‘artisan breads’ as they call them. We tried a wholewheat sourdough and a corn bread, and I still have some of their awesome fruit bread in the freezer. For a work meeting we had almond croissants, bombolini and macaroons. All unbelievable.

– Jen

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4 Responses to Baker D. Chirico or Baker D. Awesome

  1. Gus says:

    NOMNOMNOM! gus wants a trip to this place.

  2. Della says:

    That’s more than selesbni! That’s a great post!

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