Camera Shy

One of the reasons I wanted an iPhone was so I could take photos and upload them to Twitter instantly using an app. Shutup. All the cool kids are doing it. I know the camera in the iPhone is well, terrible but it would be good enough for the purposes of taking photos of bacon at breakfast and well – even Callan Mulvey.

So now that I have this fantastic gadget I’m finding myself a little camera shy. Its one thing taking a photo of your homemade pizzas, its quite another sneaking a photo of your nicely presented (and delicious) muesli and yoghurt at Fuel this morning. I couldn’t do it….

Am I allowed to do it? Or is it frowned upon? I’m really doing them a favour, because I was promoting their food but….I dunno, it just felt weird.


– Jen

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3 Responses to Camera Shy

  1. Andrew says:

    Many do Jen. I have done it a couple of times. Japanese do it often. No surprise there perhaps.

  2. Thanks for the mention – AGAIN! How handy is an iPhone! Lucky I had mine for someone to snap me with Callan Mulvey!

    But today…. God!
    My iPhone screen smashed. It’s like a broken windscreen.
    Phone still works. But dare not to put phone to my ear due to glass shards.
    Insurance not open today.

  3. As for the photos – I take them of my meals, but I’m not obsessive about it. I’ve been out for dinner with some folk who take photos as each bite clears the plate.
    A bit distracting.

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