I’m a t-rex bee

You know how certain songs remind you of events or a period of time in your life. Well our trip to Radelaide was no different.

We had a number of songs (and a dance!):

Parlez Vous Francais by Art Vs Science. The first time I heard this song, on this years hottest 100 I hated it. What was this shit! But its kinda catchy, and when you change the word ‘Parlez’ to ‘Marley’, the gorgeous 6 month old puppy living in the beach house with us, it makes it even more fun! Marley Vous Francais, Marley Vous Francais! Yes I know it doesn’t make sense.

Then we had Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas. A truly terrible song, but when combined with dancing like a ‘bee’, its great! One of the boys requested the dj play it at the wedding and we had the whole dance floor dancing like bees! I’m a bee! I’m a bee!

The dance part of it I’m not going to fully explain but basically you lift your hands up to your shoulders and wriggle your elbows around. Combine that with ‘imma be’ and you have the t-rex bee. We went out in Glenelg one night and Muz had girls all over the dance floor doing the ‘t-rex’. Funny funny stuff.

This was the closest t-rex photo I could find, Scotty and I t-rexing it up.

Ah…in jokes are always best left as in-jokes. You guys don’t geddit.

More to come…

– Jen

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One Response to I’m a t-rex bee

  1. Meagan says:

    Glenelg is a palendrome! They excite me =)

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