You do so much that you don’t know, it’s true, and I know now who I am

The title from the post is from a song* that our good friend (s) (alright, best friend (s)), George and Bridgett had at their wedding last weekend.

I say best friend(s) because both the man and I each have our own ‘best friend’ but George and Bridgett are definitely our best couple friends. They are truly amazing people. You are going to think I am going over the top in the post, unless you know G&B and then you know that I’m not at all. You have never seen a couple so Both are incredibly sensitive, caring people – they would do anything for anyone.

I’ll say this! You haven’t seen sensitive until you’re giving a teary six foot tall man a hug the day before his wedding!

We love spending time with them because they are just so much fun. We just wish we could spend more time with them, but as they are in Adelaide and we’re in Melbourne it doesn’t happen often. Our time in London was just awesome because we got to hang out with them for two weeks. I am quite sure when we get back to London, we will realise it is actually the miserable place everyone says it is.

They are both incredibly hard workers, Bridgett got sent to Canberra for work on the Sunday on the week before the wedding and she was typing up minutes from that meeting all week. George is a plumber who has just started his own business (its going great guns) and is flat out. He had the boys out one day helping him which they loved.

The wedding of course was fantastic. It was exactly six months after ours which is nice. We all got picked up in a minibus from our beach house and just as we started moving the man turns to me and said ‘you got those cold and flu tablets’?

Slight communication problem because I thought he had them. Hmmm. He was quite gracious about me potentially making his day and night a misery. I felt terrible. So when we got to the pub where the boys were having photos I asked the bar maid where the nearest chemist was. She implied it was quite close down the road. It.was.not.close. At all. It was a good 1km run downhill, in my dress and heels (well what I consider heels) and 1km back – uphill obviously. I got tooted at by dodgy car drivers numerous times and am pretty sure the chemist thinks I was a drug addict as I burst in, shoeless by that point and breathing hard shouting for pseudoephedrine. The run back uphill was not at all fun, and I am very glad I am fit.

At least I am still in contention for ‘WOFTY’ (wife of the year).

Did you see what I did just there? Quite clever I thought.

After the pub it was only ten mins down the road to the Glen Ewin Estate. The ceremony was outside and the weather looked ominous before the ceremony even started. It was okay until Bridge got to the top of the aisle and the it started absolutely bucketing down rain. Everyone ducked for cover and in the end we all moved inside to where they were having the reception and the minister finished off the ceremony. It didn’t matter though, it was still lovely. The vows were funny and beautiful, about sharing endless cups of tea and  always putting the toilet seat down.

The reception was amazing and hilarious. G&B are mates with someone at Coopers so there was Pale Ale and Coopers Clear flowing all night. Of course the wine was probably great too but the palies went down great. After their photos the bridal party entered the reception down some steps, each to a different song. The man and his partner Mandy entered to ‘I touch myself’ which of course he hammed up – his self confidence knows no bounds.. he just loves the spotlight. I couldn’t find a photo of the man’s entrance but I’ve got Caspa and Louise doing their entry (see below).

The speeches were great too. Technology these days! One of the bridesmaids asked me if I could help hook up a laptop to the projector for a slideshow. We assumed it was photos in powerpoint, but no – Bridgett had made a proper dvd the night before with photos of her and George growing up, travelling the world etc. Complete with music and text, e.g. ‘It all started in Berrigan, NSW’. Just about everyone cried. It was really really nice.

‘We’ (our group of friends) ‘owned’ the dance floor doing the ‘t-rex’ dance and the I’m a bee dance. Combined into the ‘t-rex bee’. More on that later. In jokes!

All in all we had an absolute ball, I think everyone did!!

Next wedding: Scotty and Teish’s – October 23rd – exactly one year after ours!! Lots of easy anniversaries to remember!

– Jen

* The song is ‘dream catch me’ by Newton Faulkner. They had a couple of his songs and I’ve since found I actually don’t mind him. In small doses.

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