Get off my case!

If you’ve met me, or seen photos of me you will know I’m skinny. I’m also extremely active which probably keeps me skinny. Although I’ve always been skinny so who knows.

I quite often get comments about how I’m so ‘lucky’ and how I can eat whatever I want. Some people go a step further and make comments about how I must not eat enough and infer I have an eating disorder, or they joke about me being an anorexic. This has always made me angry as 1, its not true and 2, its unfair. Now it makes me really really mad as someone close to me is recovering from an eating disorder and  I hate that people treat that kind of thing lightly. Its like how people say ‘oh I’m depressed’. No, most likely you’re not depressed – you’re having a shit day.

Anyway as an example, at work last week I was heating up my lunch, some left over stew with a pile of steamed vegies and half a sweet potato. The stew was on the bottom but the girl next to me at the microwave said “is that all you eat for lunch”? I said no, I also have a piece of fruit afterwards. She said “wow, no wonder you’re so skinny”. I said “well there is meat down the bottom and  I also have a muesli bar and some nuts for later.” I don’t know why I felt like I had to defend myself. My lunch was fairly big to start with and that + the fruit totally filled me up.

Anyway, in case you have any doubts I’m going to present to all of you a week of exercise and a basic guide to what I eat. I’ve also detailed work so you can see how I fit exercise in too.

Mondays I try and start work at 6am which means getting up at 5:00am, showering and riding to work. If I’m too tired I’ll get up at 6:30am and ride to work with the man. By the time I get changed, grab a coffee and get to my desk its about 7:45am.

I’ll leave work at 4pm and ride home. Then drive to strength and stretch class. I used to work until 5:30 and ride there but riding home at 8pm in winter…not so much fun. Also I kind of feel it undoes a bit of the good stretching for an hour does too. This is a big day for me, the strength class is very gentle but both classes go for an hour so by the time I get home I am pretty hungry!

Tuesdays I run about 4kms with the man after work so I try and start work by 8am at the latest and leave by 4:30 – 5pm. Lately I haven’t been riding Tuesdays. The run takes us 25 minutes at most.

Wednesday I do my own strength workout at the gym – repeating the runner’s strength workout I did on Monday night. But I get home by 6 or 7pm. I usually ride Wednesdays and the strength stuff takes an hour. I might start work a bit later or start early if I have a lot on, this day is pretty flexible.

Depending on how I feel, Thursday is sometimes a rest day – so I try and work as much as I can. If I feel okay though, I’ll try and do ‘run group’ which starts at 6:30pm. It goes for about an hour and we’ll run anything between 3 – 7kms. It’s so late though I usually skip it.

Since we went to Adelaide  my desire to drink alcohol has completely disappeared. It is really really weird. It’s freaking out the people I work with too!  Very odd! If I haven’t done my second strength workout I try and do it on Friday. If I’m all up to date, Friday is a rest day.

Saturdays are a take it easy day, and Sundays are either a run with the run group or a longer run by myself. Two weeks ago we went and ran on the trails around the Fairfield boathouse. I did about 8kms which is the most I’ve run since before the wedding. It was lots of fun and a nice social activity.

My general plan for the week is, ride when I can, three runs – including one longish run and at least two strength workouts. The strength stuff is to keep my glutes and core strong and for my posture. If I don’t do the strength stuff, my ITB plays up and I can’t run. If I don’t do the strength work for my posture my back gets sore from sitting at a desk all day! So it’s pretty important to make sure I keep it up.

When I get home of a night, I usually try and clear up around the house, pack my bag and make my breakfast for the next day. Once or twice a week I cook dinner, but the man is the main chef! I usually organise dinner on weekends though.

We eat relatively healthy most of the time. I make a thai green curry, we eat steak & veg, chilli con carne, stews, soups. My workplace health assessment the other day said my diet was good but except we should eat more fish.

At the moment I’m enjoying porridge for breakfast. I cook up a batch on the stove at night, put it in a tupperware mug and then heat it up with a splash of milk in the microwave at work the next day. Works like a charm. I tried just following the microwave recipe but it tasted like glue. This (plus a coffee) works brilliantly and tides me over until about 10:30am – although it’s a pretty big serve of it.  For morning tea I’ll eat half of my carman’s muesli bar or a banana. Lunch (12:30) is usually soup + bread and a piece of fruit. Then I’ll have some chocolate.

In the afternoon (about 3pm) I’ll have the other half of my muesli bar, some nuts and a banana.

This tides me over until dinner (7-7:30ish). After dinner I almost always have a piece of chopped up fruit + yogurt + a scoop of either ice cream or frozen yogurt depending on what we have in the freezer. After that I usually have a couple of squares of chocolate.

I also drink a minimum 2L of water a day. I’ve managed to cut coffee back to 1 a day….but sometimes I do have two.

So you see. I do a fair bit of exercise – although my running distances aren’t massive. I’m just building up strength and fitness and taking it slowly. I think my diet is good, looking at it I think I eat really well.

What do you guys reckon? Should I tell the next person to pick on me to read this? Or just get stuffed?

– Jen

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10 Responses to Get off my case!

  1. You eat really well and balance it out with some serious exercise.

    I don’t think you need to justify what or how much you eat. You feel healthy, you look healthy, and you are YOU.

    I also get comments about how much I eat for how small I am. I am not a stick – I have curves, but I do eat a heap of food and stay small – the same weight/size. When I worked in your area, people used to comment a lot. I once said to someone, ‘I bet you only comment about my food consumption because I am thin, you wouldn’t feel comfortable commenting on someone’s food consumption if they were fat’. This shut them up.

  2. Daniel says:

    You do a truly impressive amount of exercise. As I blogged a few months ago, the average Melburnian does only 15 mins of exercise per day.

    But yeah, tell them to get stuffed!

  3. Andrew says:

    Is health freak an insult. Don’t worry. I am just envious of your commitment to good health.

  4. Michael says:

    Like they say in The Castle – tell ’em to get stuffed!

  5. MissLauraM says:

    Tell them to get stuffed! Or do what I do and say, “Thanks! I really like the way I feel and look when I eat well and exercise. I can give you some tips if you like?”

  6. Raelene says:

    I love MissLauraM’s comment – to thank them and then offer to help them to look the same as you! 🙂
    You’re gorgeous – tell ’em to get stuffed!!

  7. my jus says:

    Hi, great post! I like reading it.
    Thanks for sharing.
    Keep it coming!

  8. shellbell43 says:

    Good on you Jen 🙂

  9. MichelleT says:

    When I was younger I too was like you, I exercised, did loads of athletics, long distance, rode my bike everywhere and was naturally lean due to fitness and metabolism, keep it up, as when you get older unfortunately there is no fighting gravity!!

    I too as above would tell them to take a hike and ask them if it really is any of there business!!

    I read your blog all the time and think you are simply amazing! well done!

  10. Ren says:

    I’m late on this one, but as a fat person who doesn’t exercise, I think what you do is remarkable. You balance a great exercise ethic with good, wholesome food. ‘Nuff said.

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