Review: Nabiha Moonee Ponds

Last week Epicure reviewed a new coffee place in Moonee Ponds. “Moonee Ponds”, I said. “I live in Moonee Ponds”!

So on Monday afternoon when the man and I had come back from the movies he suggested we check it out. I must have ridden past it on my way home a hundred times and not noticed it. It’s tucked away on the outside of Moonee Ponds Central, opposite our favourite Japanese haunt – Chiba.

Now, after I read the Epicure article, I googled the place. It comes up mentioned as Melbourne’s best coffee. I’m not so sure about that. But my tastebuds might have been slightly off. I’d been snacking on dark chocolate coffee beans in the movies. So I was already wired.

I ordered my usual, a skinny flat white with one sugar. It was really nice. The kind of coffee you’d order and have no complaints with. It had an after taste, but not a bad one. Just….something unusual. I don’t know if its Melbourne’s best coffee – but its up there. Having said that I couldn’t tell you where Melbourne’s best coffee is! Your thoughts?

The Epicure article says their beans are a Five senses blend of Colombian, Costa Rican, New Guinean and Brazilian single-origin beans. Whatever that means.

The service was excellent, really friendly. I was impressed. I spoke to my ‘work foodie’ Thuy today and she’d also checked it out on the weekend. However she wasn’t that impressed, she said it was packed and their coffee and food took ages.

Their menu looked okay – for me. I would have had the fruit toast or muesli. There was no big meals though, they don’t really have a kitchen only a tiny grill. I imagine it would be bedlam at 10am on a Saturday compared to 3pm on a Monday. The place is tiny, and you’d imagine it would be packed being the Saturday after they appear in Epicure!

Like I said to the man, if I worked in Moonee Ponds I’d go there for coffee – otherwise I’ll stick with my regular cafe Fuel Espresso! I do recommend checking out the coffee at Nabiha for you aficionados out there – ahem Mr Malloy.

– Jen

p.s. Yes I know there was a heap of typos and grammatical errors in my previous post. Off to fix now!

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