It’s t-shirt weather! – SOTM June 2010

It’s definitely not t-shirt weather, but I’ve fallen in love with this song. When I first started listening to the Lucksmiths I looked at their most popular song on itunes and this was it. I didn’t really like the sound of it so never bought it, until the other day when I’d exhausted my Lucksmiths stash. I bought it and….I love it!

As I’ve mentioned before I’m slightly devastated that they broke up in August 2009. It was only a couple of months later I stumbled across them.  Apparently there is a DVD of their last show coming out. Will definitely be getting my paws on that!

Anyway, here is ‘t-shirt weather’ filmed by some awesome person in their last show at The Corner Hotel. There are other versions on youtube, some with better quality but I thought a gig in Australia was nicer!

It’s not the whole song, you miss a nice riff at the beginning but you get the gist of it.

– Jen

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