Half of the ring lies here with me, but the other half is..?

Not here. Well it wasn’t. Alright I’ll back track.

A couple of weeks ago I came home from work to find the man sitting on the couch looking sheepish. Baaaa. No.

He said “look what happened” and held out his left hand. Nothing jumped out at me until I looked closer and then said (in a measured tone of course),
“where is your wedding ring?” and he said “I don’t know!” He takes it off when he has a shower and went to take it off that morning and it wasn’t there. He’d looked for it, I looked for it and then he said “it doesn’t matter, its just a ring”.

I was forced to grit my teeth and agree with him only because Alex was present and she hasn’t really seen me as an upset wife yet. However. It is NOT in my books ‘just a ring’. Even if he got a replacement, its still not the ring that got blessed – not the ring that….in the darkness binds them? Wait. That doesn’t sound right. Anyway – its not THE ring.

Of course he didn’t lose it on purpose so I wasn’t mad at him, just sad he’d lost it.

I eventually got over it (read: eventually I stopped telling everyone that my husband obviously didn’t love me because we’ve only been married six months and he LOST his wedding ring) and he went and filed a police report so he could claim it on insurance.

Two weeks ago after he’d been saying that he really needed to go to the jewellers and get a quote for a new ring  he had to go into work to collect some books.  When he got home and dumped all the books out of his bag, THE ring dropped out.

Huzzah! To say I was happy was an understatement! But anyway. At the end of the day the ring is back in its rightful place and I got a blog post out of it. I’ll chalk that up as a win.

– Jen

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One Response to Half of the ring lies here with me, but the other half is..?

  1. Raelene says:

    Oh thank goodness. And yeah, I’m not willing to look an upset wife either, but I’d have been like you and wanting to get very upset. It’s not just a ring.
    I can’t believe he actually takes it off. Mine seldom come off, and when they do, it’s only for a minute at most.

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