Run to paradise (or fed square at least)

Today I did the 5km run in Run Melbourne. I didn’t think I’d be quite as chuffed with myself as I was – 5km for me is very short but I ran really well. I was faster than I thought I’d be but didn’t go out too hard either. I was especially proud of the fact that about 2km into the run (down Anderson St) a guy appeared beside me and said “hey you’re doing really well”. He ended up running with me the rest of the way – apparently I was perfectly paced to him. So that was pretty cool.

That’s about it really. Now I’m looking to the next run – maybe even the 15km in the King Valley Challenge in September although I think 10km would be more my distance. I might tag along and be part of the support crew instead!

– Jen

p.s. thanks to the man and Shell for coming and supporting me!

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2 Responses to Run to paradise (or fed square at least)

  1. Well done Jen!
    So exciting you got a medal!
    Hope it’s made of gold, not chocolate 🙂

  2. Raelene says:

    Wow! That’s a great achievement! Well done!

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