Waiting for you – SOTM August 2010

Big thanks to Miss Findlay for getting me into The Basement Birds. Despite my earlier resistance I finally looked them up. The Basement Birds are Kev Mitchell (of Jebediah and Bob Evans) Josh Pyke, Kav Temperley (of Eskimo Joe) and some poor dude called Steve Parkin who I’ve never heard of.

My sister got me into Josh Pyke…wow, must be two years ago now. Not a long time, as Josh has been around for yonks but I was a little slow on the uptake. Shell, Josh reminds me of driving to Geelong and back!

I’m getting off track.

As you can imagine they sound amazing and so Australian. The song ‘Holly’ in particular sounds like an Australian ballad that you feel like you already know and love.

Some of their songs sound a bit ‘country’ but I think on the right side of country..  I had a hard time picking one particular song for the SOTM so chose the one that had the best clip available. Shell, I promise you will love them – and Mum might even get in on it too.

So anyway. The song is ‘Waiting for you’. It’s your entry level Basement Birds song and its great. I love hearing all the boys doing a solo bit. The clip is really good as the boys look so chilled out. Here it is:

– Jen

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One Response to Waiting for you – SOTM August 2010

  1. Yay! I love it when I successfully encourage friends to listen to bands I enjoy.
    I love Holly, Bus Stop and Waiting for You.

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