Don’t stop rockin’ now no way – SOTM February 2011

I was sure I had already done this months SOTM previously…surely…surely I had!! But no.

I predicted this song would get #1 in triple j’s hottest 100, and came SO CLOSE. I thought I was a musical genius, but no. Bloody Angus and Julia Stone (sorry Carly) had to come and trump Little Red’s ‘Rock It’, and I was put right back in my box. Still #2 out of 100 isn’t bad!

I love the song, its catchy, gets stuck in your head AND I like the lyrics. It reminds me of going out on uni night (…er more than 5 YEARS AGO):

“C’mon, DJ play us one more song
We’ve been waiting all night long
Just about to lose our minds
So play that rhythm one more time
And now they’re clearing out the floor
We never made it there at all
Still not ready to go home
But no-one knows which way to go

Rock it to the break of day
Don’t stop rocking now, no way
If everybody feels the same
This is why we play these games
Rock it to the early dawn
Soon those good times will be gone
Everything I ever had, if I could have
One night like that”.

Here it is: Little Red’s “Rock it”

– Jen

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One Response to Don’t stop rockin’ now no way – SOTM February 2011

  1. Guess what?!
    I voted for Rock It and not Big Jet Plane!!

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