Not too hot, not too cold, not too microwaved – Jentopia and the porridge peeves

I’m having trouble finding good porridge.

Too many places either use ‘quick oats’, don’t cook it with milk, serve it with so many toppings I might as well be eating dessert instead of breakfast, have half decent porridge but crap coffee or….and this is by far the WORST ….cook it in a MICROWAVE, with WATER AND have crap coffee!

I’m going to name names because it is a disgrace – yes Electra Cafe in Albury I am looking at YOU! You ruined my breakfast last Saturday and dagnabbit I’m still hung up on it!

It’s not hard, in fact – its so easy I can do it at home. But its lovely after a paddle or ride to go to a cafe that serves excellent coffee and have some excellent porridge. Last weekend I saw the chef (can you call them a chef if they microwaved my breakfast?) tip my porridge from a microwave safe container (safety first?) into a bowl. Quick oats I suspect, with water in the microwave. Awful! I might add the description on the menu says ‘porridge with cinnamon and marscapone’. Would the addition of the marscapone have saved the porridge? I doubt it.

At another cafe, who I won’t name because they do ridiculously good coffee, the porridge again appeared to be made using quick oats but was at least cooked in milk. Hopefully not in a microwave. I found it hard to eat because there was far too much liquid, and the oats were small which led me to think they were quick oats.

One breakfast I had in Sydney last year was BLUE. Blueberry porridge, with quick oats. Terrible.

There are a few places in Melbourne where I have had good porridge:

– The Bell Jar: 656 Smith Street, Clifton Hill (the other end of Smith St), porridge comes served in two ways, I usually choose seasonal fruit with walnut praline (on the side), note the Bell Jar generally has excellent coffee
– Fuel Espresso: 4 Margaret Street, Moonee Ponds, porridge comes served with fruit e.g. strawberries and when they were cheap, bananas with brown sugar (note I ask for the toppings on the side). However since being sold last year, Fuel has terrible coffee.
– The Premises 202 Bellair St, Kensington – porridge comes served with walnuts, cream, and cinnamon apples. I asked for all on the side (which for once I got) and ate all but the cream, coffee is generally good although I find some blends too strong.
– Mixed Business 486 Queens Parade, Clifton Hill – again nice porridge with the usual add-ins. Generally okay coffee.

I know that I’m eating out, and that its a treat. But after riding for three hours, I try to at least be a bit healthy. Quick oats are not great for you – while they’ll do me no harm they are a lot higher in GI than regular oats, and really I just don’t like them. I like my porridge thick and creamy. I like being able to add on my own ‘toppings’, if I wanted a rich breakfast I’d get french toast or pancakes or something.

So come on cafes – get your act together. Quit using quick oats, can the microwave, use milk – not water and let us add in our own toppings.

What do you say?

– Jen


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One Response to Not too hot, not too cold, not too microwaved – Jentopia and the porridge peeves

  1. Lucy says:

    Gosh! I never eat porridge out at cafes as I eat it pretty much every day at home and its usually served with honey (which I can’t eat) but I find it pretty shocking that places would use quick oats!!
    I use traditional at home in the microwave with water but that is as a time/money saver! In a cafe you would think that they have the time/money to make decent porridge! If I ever do on the occasion order porridge out and it’s good, I will pass on the message!

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