Where art thou Jentopia?

Or where the hell have you been Jentopia?

I’ve been busy. Busy busy busy. My days are full of work and some kind of sport or activity. I’ve taken up mountain biking which is just another activity to take me away from blogging (and home too…). I don’t have much time at home as it is, so don’t really feel like blogging when I am home. I usually feel like stretching! And catching up on everyone else’s blogs.

I’ve been having achilles problems again so have stopped running for a few weeks. I’m on my third week of not running. While I miss it, and I feel like I’m losing running fitness, I am enjoying having that extra three hours a week at home. I stacked on the mountain bike last Sunday so had most of last week off doing any sport so have had even more time at home. Then this week I got a cold AND I’ve been doing training in the Moonee Ponds office. Training starts at 9am, so I’ve been rolling out of bed at 8am, cooking porridge and then meandering along to work. Tonight I left at 5:15 and dawdled home.

I’m on the mend though so hope to be back doing sport tomorrow or Friday. I am going to make a real effort to do smaller, more frequent posts. Lets see how that goes! Maybe then Mum can stop stalking my facebook page. Hmmmm?

– Jen

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