Narky Parky – Jen vs Maribyrnong City Council

The man and I went up to Highpoint around lunchtime today as he is busting to see Transformers 3. They’re doing some re-developement work and so a lot of the parking is closed and being lunchtime, there were literally no parks. Cars were queued everywhere trying to park and it was just hopeless. We headed over to a cheeky spot we’ve found to park near a loading dock, although not actually in the dock. You’re not supposed to park there obviously but we have parked there before when there were no parks (as do a lot of people).

As we pulled up I noticed a car park had been set up in a paddock across the road. I didn’t want to park in the spot we had if we could help it so we headed over there. Except it was padlocked shut. We drove around the whole outside of the paddock trying to figure out how to get in there, there was signs saying it was parking for Highpoint but you couldn’t get in!

We gave up and reluctantly parked back near the loading zone, with half the car on a footpath, half on the road. I should have taken a picture but to emphasise again, we didn’t park on a footpath people would ever walk on. It was completely out of the way, someone would have to go out of their way to walk on it like a footpath.

The movie we wanted to see wasn’t on in regular…D (as opposed to 3D) so we did a bit of browsing in JB and then gave up and decided to go home. Of course the parking inspector decided we’d not spent enough and we discovered the Maribyrnong Council had fined us (and the cars around us) $73 for parking where we had. Ratbags.

Yes, I admit it wasn’t ‘designated parking’ but seriously, we chose a spot that wasn’t in anyones way – I promise that is true and only after we’d exhausted all other parking options.

Of course as Daniel Bowen rightly pointed out on Twitter, the #82 tram from the Junction in Moonee Ponds does go to Highpoint, but it was a spur of the moment decision to go and see a movie (although it usually is!) Yes, if we’d caught the tram it probably would have been quicker in the end! And cheaper..

What annoys me about this is that we tried to do the right thing. Generally you do have to drive around for a bit to get a park at Highpoint on a Saturday but with the closure of 600 carparks due to the re-development it was impossible to get a park. Yet the council seems to have seized on the opportunity to make a few bucks by stinging people with parking fines.

So what say you, good people of the internet? Should I suck it up and pay the fine. Or continue as planned and fight the fine? Interested to hear your thoughts.

– Jen

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2 Responses to Narky Parky – Jen vs Maribyrnong City Council

  1. Ant says:

    Jen, I think you may have slightly more success in finding a large, tall, sturdily constructed wall, and proceeding to bang your head against it repeatedly. Of all the stoushes I’ve had with statuatory authorities (and there have been been a few) I haven’t won one yet.

    By all means send a polite but pointed letter and try your luck, but I wouldn’t been investing too much of your riding time into a David v Goliath fight.

    But, on the other hand, you could go to Today Tonight…

  2. Andrew says:

    Half on the footpath. Sorry Jen, Ant sums it up well.

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