Review: Red Door Corner Store Cafe (Northcote)

After paddling this morning Rach and I had the luxury of being able to choose where to go for brunch without being limited by time, transport problems or too many people. So we went a bit further afield and headed to the Red Door Corner Store Cafe in Northcote. Rach’s partner gets his daily caffeine fix from there so we figured it must be alright…but would they do good food? I googled them and up popped a menu and lots of urban spooness. Yes, that’s a word.

I saw words like organic, dench toast, chipotle, praline and kasundi. Sounded pretty much like the menu you see at all the 3rd wave cafes we go to, so off we went.

Red Door is located on a quiet street in Northcote, but it was packed inside. No spare tables and we were too cold from our paddle to contemplate toughing it out in the cold. The waitress was lovely and said she thought a table would be free in a few minutes and she could get us a coffee while we waited. As she was about to take our orders a table opened up so we ordered coffee and got to sit down straight away. Score!

The menu initially looked complicated, but once you read all the descriptions properly I realised all the old favourites were there…except porridge. Bircher muesli was described as a ‘bircher trifle’ and bacon and eggs are available as ‘rays free range eggs poached, fried or scrambled on organic natural tucker toast’. I chose the bircher trifle and Rach had the breakfast roll (free-range fried egg, tomato kasundi, double smoked free-range bacon, avocado, rocket & aioli). I also ordered some of the homemade fruit toast with french butter.

Both my meals were great. I was initially hesitant about the bircher trifle, served in a glass it looks more like dessert than a proper breakfast. It was just sweet enough with the fruit compote, without being too sweet and there was enough density in the bircher to make it a proper breakfast. I really enjoyed it, and the serve was deceptively large. I may have been a bit of a pelican* when I ordered the fruit toast. The fruit toast was really nice, tasted really fresh and the butter was amazing. By all accounts Rach’s breakfast roll was really nice as well.

To rave a little bit, the coffee was fantastic and the service was amazing. The wait staff seemed genuinely happy to be there and were very attentive and polite.  We both ordered two coffees as they were so good.

My advice, go and try it out. The neighbours of this place are lucky people indeed!

Details: Red Door Corner Store Cafe
Location: 70 Mitchell Street Northcote
Website: Red Door Corner Store
Twitter: @RedDoorCS
Facebook: Red Door Corner Store
Coke Rating: Coketacular!

– Jen
p.s.  I will explain what the ‘coke rating’ is in another post soon. It’s becoming a bit of a running joke with the man.

*do people know what it means to be a ‘pelican’? As in your eyes are too big for your stomach? I googled the phrase but nothing much came back…

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One Response to Review: Red Door Corner Store Cafe (Northcote)

  1. Anonymous says:

    Rach’s partner?
    May as well be “Rach’s mechanic” or “Rach’s garbo”
    No more tip offs to the hidden gems for you too..


    Rach’s Partner

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