Review: Dench Bakers (Fitzroy)

I’ll blog a bit about my bike ride today a bit later but instead of doing the regular 2 hr loop I did the 3hr one. I thought my mate Rach was doing the 3hr ride too and only realised as our group split up that I was leaving my brunch buddy all alone! Oh noes!

But because our group was super awesome, it only took us an extra 30 minutes instead of an hour and I was back in Fitzroy by 10am.

I thought I might still catch the first group for coffee but when I rang Rach she was almost home. However after some smooth talking I managed to convince her to turn around and take me out for breakfast.

We’d been meaning to go to Dench for awhile so seized the opportunity to finally try it seeing as we were both near Fitzroy at the time. From the footpath the inside of the cafe looked pretty busy, but it was freezing cold and there was no way we could sit outside and enjoy breakfast!  We stood around for a bit and debated where the safest place to leave our bikes would be. We decided they’d be okay outside as I could see Jeff’s handlebars and both Jeff and Oscar’s wheels from inside (Jeff is my Giant Defy 1 and Oscar is Rach’s Giant OCR 1). For everyone else… they are bikes.

There were about 3 free tables so it wasn’t as busy as we thought, and we ordered coffees straight away (a skinny latte for me and a long macchiato for Rach). Of course the porridge was the first thing on the menu to catch my eye.

I stupidly didn’t take a photo of the menu because I assumed it would be online, but I think it was described as mixed grain porridge with nuts, seeds and poached fruits. Unusually you could choose the milk it was cooked with, full, skinny or soy. A nice touch!

Rach and I both ordered the porridge and I commented that the menu was the complete opposite to Proud Mary, still lots of naughty/delicious things like pastries but the actual proper ‘breakfast’ foods all seemed to be normal and not so ‘desserty’.

Our coffees arrived super quick and I noticed that the place was starting to get busy, with people lining up. We got there around 10am which is about the time people meet for brekky I guess. The coffee was really nice, I even remembered to take a photo this time. It was milky and not very strong but very nice all the same.

The porridge came out soon after and it looked great. Serving size was good, probably not athlete size as we both could have eaten more! Its not really fair to pick on that as it really would be the perfect size for anyone else. The poached fruits were pear and rhubarb and the rhubarb was placed at the bottom of the dish so the whole porridge didn’t turn red (see photo). Pretty clever!

A container of honey also came with the porridge so you could add it yourself. It was really nice porridge. The fruit just tasted like fruit and didn’t turn the porridge into dessert. Once I got through the fruit the remaining porridge was pretty bland – don’t worry I’m not complaining, it was great. Allows you to sweeten it yourself, which I did.

We ordered another coffee each to finish off and then went our separate ways home, powered by porridge and caffeine! I did think it was funny that we went to Dench, where it seems like most of the bread we eat in cafes around Melbourne comes from – and we didn’t eat any!

Anyway, to the service. It was fine. Exactly that! Super speedy and efficient but not overly friendly. Can’t complain though!

Details: Dench Bakers Fitzroy
Location: 109 Scotchmer St Fitzroy
Website: Dench Bakers
Coke Rating: Not checked today!
– Jen

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