Review: Strangeloves wine bar

Last weekend we went to the man’s boss’ 40th birthday at Strangeloves Wine Bar on Mt Alexander Rd in Moonee Ponds. Extremely convenient for us as we live in the ponds as it was literally a ten minute walk from our place.

The wine bar is really cosy and we had a great time. I had a glass of red and then switched to cider/perry which is my new favourite drink.

Here is a fun fact, pear cider is actually called Perry, although I’ve never heard of anyone selling it as ‘perry’. The man loved the wine he had, a doozy of a red called ‘the concoction’ – or otherwise known as a 2006 Small Gully – Mr Black’s Concoction – GSM (Grenache Shiraz MourvĂ©dre). It was really strong – I could only handle a glass, but it was amazing.

While we were there we noticed they had posters up for a $10 Sunday night curry. Generally we are hermits, perfectly happy at home and rarely venturing out but we decided we could be persuaded for $10 curry and a glass of wine just down the road.

So we trotted off there tonight to check it out – hoping it wouldn’t be too packed. It definitely wasn’t and apparently we timed it perfectly as a guitarist had just started playing as we arrived. The super friendly bartender (who we found out later is named Michael) helped us select a glass of wine and we chose the 2007 Shotfire Barossa Quartage. Michael told us that the curry for tonight was kangaroo.

This didn’t bother either of us as we both eat skippy. Michael told us that he’d cooked it a few weeks ago and it was a sellout so it was back by popular demand!

We sat in the front room (it was just us and the guitarist), sipped on our wine and chatted as only a married couple can. That is, you see each other every single day and already know the ins and outs of everything about each other and are in a situation where you are sitting across from each other wondering what the hell to talk about next. So I talked about paddling, the man talked about Lego and we both talked about our friends and also our upcoming trip to Adelaide which we are looking forward to. It was great! Nice to get rid of the tv, and to be able to focus on each other.

Our kangaroo curry arrived and with it, fresh conversation fodder as we were able to talk about how good it was! Not gamey in the slightest and the meat was just falling to bits. Nice chunky potatoes and carrots made it the perfect Sunday night meal. Filling, but not too filling and the red wine went down very well too.

After we finished we went back to the bar to thank bartender Michael and introduce ourselves….and advise them that we’ll back again!

As far as the wine bar goes, I highly recommend it. Cosy and you can still hear each other talk! One really cool thing they do is allow you to order from any of the restaurants in the area, who can deliver to the bar. Fantastic! We saw a few people ordering from Jack’s Satay Bar (just down the road) and Jack’s staff were bringing their meals in. So many options!

Details: Strangeloves Wine & Tapas
Location: 577 Mt Alexander Rd, Moonee Ponds
Website: Strangeloves
Coke Rating: Why order coke, when you can drink wine!…..or perry!

– Jen

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