RIP Tammy – best dog ever

Sad news in the Unsworth household today. Our lovable loyal labrador Tammy had to be put to sleep. She wasn’t especially old, 10 I think, but had a spinal problem.

Tammy was our first dog, in a previously cat only house. Now my parents have one or two other dogs (depending on who you talk to), one is actually my sister’s dog, Bailey.

To cheer myself up I thought I’d recount some of the funny times I had with Tam:

– wrestling with her and playing hide and seek around the kitchen when she was a puppy
– trying to find a black lab puppy at night who didn’t want to come inside..impossible to see or catch!
– playing tug of war with one of Dad’s long sports socks, she pulled so hard she won and when I looked over I realised she’d also swallowed the sock..which reappeared a day or so later
– My parents realising she’d eaten all of the strawberries in the vegie patch
– Having to jump into next door’s yard to try and catch her when she was old enough to jump the fence. Impossible unless you could dive and tackle her!
– Taking her swimming at the weir and having her freak out when she couldn’t touch the bottom
– Trying to go for a run without her and having to try and sneak out of the yard..inevitably I’d turn around and see her bound over the fence and come trotting after me
– As James reminded me below: going to the letter box one day and noticing a photo of my head chewed up lying in the grass. Then a photo of my body nearby…Tammy has pulled my uni grad photos out of the letter box and eaten/torn them up. Not a popular dog that day, although it was very very funny.
–  Using Dad’s office chair with wheels on it and a chew toy to have her pull me around on the concrete outside when Dad was having his Christmas afternoon nap – egged on by Mum!

Well that definitely made me feel better!
– Jen

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3 Responses to RIP Tammy – best dog ever

  1. Daniel says:

    Sorry to hear the news Jen.

  2. James says:

    Aww! Tammy was awesome. Sorry to hear it – I remember visiting when you guys first got her and she was much less scary as a pup (to me) cos she just slept, and then I remember hearing when she ate all the tomatoes (I think?) and your graduation photos!

  3. Jen says:

    Oh my gosh James!! How could I forget about the grad photos!

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