FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

It has been noted by many knowledgable people that I have difficulty in understanding that resting is an important part of training.

Deep down I know that there is always tomorrow, and that a rest day will mean that tomorrow I will perform so much better than today when I drag my carcass out on another usual morning ride… but I have a debilitating case of FOMO and cannot help myself!

FOMO – Fear of missing out

A serious condition where an athlete cannot help themselves but join in as many training sessions for fear they might miss out on something.

Left untreated the athlete faces serious risk of overtraining leading to injury and burnout.

I am slowly getting better. At least I recognise I have FOMO. I’m working on the second step – saying NO when I need a rest day.

Except sometimes you don’t feel like you need a rest day – like today. Today I felt great when I woke up like I wanted to spin my legs out so had a gentle-ish 30km roll with MattUnderground. My calves which were tight before the ride actually felt a lot better post ride. After 8 hours of sitting down at work though, they both feel like they are about to pop. Not good.

So a definite rest day required for tomorrow. No cycling, definitely no running and not even paddling. Nothing.

The social side of cycling is very important to me, and thats what I feel like I miss out on. I’m counteracting that a bit by starting work early on days I don’t ride, and meeting up with the guys for coffee after their ride instead.

I guess this is where having a coach and a program would come in handy. That’s getting pretty serious though and I don’t think thats where I want to be right now.

For now, I’m exhausted, in my pjs on the couch and its 6pm. And I’m okay with that (mainly because I’m too tired to care).

– Jen


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One Response to FOMO – Fear of Missing Out

  1. awmalloy says:

    First off, I can’t believe I’m in the position to even make a comment but…

    I don’t suffer from FOMO. I guess I suffer from UFIWPO24OIIHAB (Unrealist Fear I Will Put On 24kg Overnight If I Have A Break). I stagger my workouts – lower, upper, jog and should have a rest day but I tend to do two lots of three and take one day a week. I’m meant to have a rest day tomorrow but I’m already thinking up excuses to go to the gym. I’m fit now, I’m not going to relapse by taking one day off but it’s a fear that one day may lead to another and I’d rather not test myself.

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