First comes love, then comes marriage then comes the…

Well it didn’t happen as quickly as that but it has happened! That’s right, we’re having a baby!

Although we have been kind of trying we were still a bit surprised. And after my second doctors visit it turned out I was even further along than we’d first thought.

In typical Jen fashion I’d ignored weeks of nausea, changes in my skin and chalked the nausea up to the antibiotics I was on for my skin. When I went back to the doctor after I’d finished my antibiotics he suggested sending me for a pregnancy test. I actually said “I’m NOT pregnant”, as I’d done a test about six weeks before and it was negative. But off I trotted and after I had the blood test I got thinking…

Maybe wouldn’t hurt to check…I’d prefer to know before I go BACK to the doctor. After that I couldn’t wait to get home and do the test. After it came up positive straight away I think we were both in shock. But both very very happy!

So there it is!

Until next time..

– Jen

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