Up to date and a grape

I’m all up to date with this blog now, hooray.

Next Monday is our dating scan and we get to find out how big our little Grape is. Apparently he or she is the size of a grape. But really, they could be the size of a…..peanut or an apple! Mmmm apple.

We are super excited about this as we will know how long it is until we can announce Mr or Miss Grape.

Speaking of food, I am having a hard time with it at the moment.

For the past few weeks I have been craving salt like mad, and I’m ashamed to say that this little athlete has been the driving force behind such decisions as Tuesday night Fish and CHIPS and Friday nights ‘lets have CHINESE’ escapade. Salty goodness!

Time to get some more vegies into my diet…and less….well, crap. I blame the man it is obviously his child.
Or Grape.

Speaking of The man , he has been amazing, and looking after me really well. We’ve worked out I get nauseous if I get hungry so as long as I have something to nibble on I’m generally okay. Two dinners worked tonight so I will try that from now on. Not really ‘two dinners’ I had a snack at 6pm on some raw vegies (and some salty pretzels) then had a toasted cheese sandwich at 7:30pm. Worked out well.

Now though its 9:20pm and I have definitely hit the wall. Time for bed!

– Jen

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