Can you ever just be whelmed?

I’m starting to think pregnancy might just be life’s biggest learning curve. 

Can’t eat this, should eat that, don’t do this, why aren’t you doing that, get this scan, and that scan, and this test, and you should have booked in for this one already…

So far I am coping remarkably well for something that is so far outside my comfort zone. Phone calls, oh lots of phone calls. Some nice, helpful people on the phone, and some people who need to get a new job as they obviously aren’t happy in their current one. I got one of each today! I don’t know why some nurses/receptionists assume that you know everything. Everybody is pregnant for the first time once!

Today I confirmed that I am on track with all my appointments and tests which is good to know.

Next week is the dating scan which we are both really looking forward to, and probably two weeks later I have another blood test and another scan after that. 

Today was a pretty good day. I went for a bike ride this morning but need to remember to keep my heart rate low. I did feel some pains when I was pushing a bit but was fine when I backed  off. From looking at my heart rate I was comfortable as long as it was under 150. I even made it back up our hill. The day I can’t do that will be a sad sad day for my ego. 

Anyway, I did notice I felt a lot less nauseous today and I wonder if getting up and doing some exercise might be the answer. I did hit the wall about 2:30pm though! Bit hard to nap at work so I had to keep standing up and stretching. 

I walked home to and from work as well which was really good. Takes longer than riding, but is easier on the body but still good exercise. I was pooped when I got home though. 

The man is out tonight at a work dinner which means I’m solo for dinner. Pretzels for a pre-dinner snack were a winner (salt craving – tick!) and I’m having some tomato soup now. Tomorrow night – must get more vegies in.

I’d best be off so I can eat properly. 

Until next time,

– Jen


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