Weekend update.

This was the first weekend in a very very long time where I haven’t done much at all. Saturday I went for a cruisy mtb bike path ride with the man and Gus which was fun. I felt average at the start but felt really good by the end. Like I wanted to go and ride some trails at Nail Can. 

But given my habit of falling off and us preferring Grape remain a Grape and not a Sultana its best I steer clear of single track. Maybe fire roads would be okay, but its pretty steep up there too. 

Anyway. After that I went home for a nap and then and met Grape’s Grandma and Grandpa or Nan and Pop or whatever they are for breakfast. We both really wanted to tell them, but its still too early. Saturday afternoon was spent at home on the couch doing some more napping and feeling more and more nauseous.

Sunday morning I struggled to get out of bed, even after 12 hours sleep and relocated to the couch. After I summoned the energy to eat some crumpets for brekky I felt better and we went and bought a new toaster as our old one had decided to start toasting only on one side. Think of the time I will save in the mornings! I also picked up a Soup & Co which I am super excited about. 

I need to be eating more vegies now, but the thought of steamed or stirfry vegies makes me feel nauseous but I felt I could cope with vege soup. It is as brilliant as I’d hoped and I made a minestrone soup in 35 minutes with the only effort on my part cooking a cup of pasta and chopping the vegies initially. Too easy and tasted great.

Tomorrow is the big day, our first scan. After feeling so good on Thursday and Friday I was starting to think maybe I was over my morning/all day sickness but I felt so horrible for most of today I don’t think I’m out of the woods yet. We are super excited, but I am a little bit nervous.

We should be far enough along to hear a heartbeat and see Grape so we just hope everything is going alright. 

I’ll blog tomorrow night with an update on how it went.

– Jen

p.s. this just posted under my other blog as I forgot to log out. Talk about a heart attack. Must.Remember.To.Log.Out

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