Mid week..er late mid week update

This week has been a bit better. I am still feeling like crap, but am excelling at managing it.

My cravings for crap food continue, even while I type the man is feeding me mini chicken schnitzels while the real ones with roast vegies cook in the oven. Because I couldn’t wait an hour for dinner. This is how a baby works, so its only natural that it is how a foetus behaves. Grape wants schnitzel now, not in an hour. 

This morning I narrowly avoided buying a sausage roll and sauce for my first lunch. It was so close. But my old fit self said no! that is too far. Think of all the schnitzel you can eat when you get home (on my second one now).

Yesterday over a lunch of lasagne and chips with the man’s aunty (which I ordered for the chips, lets be honest) she picked I was pregnant. To be fair to me she has been asking me that question for the past six months but I still wasn’t able to fluff my way out of it.

Tomorrow Grape is 9 weeks old. 3 weeks until we’re out of the ‘danger zone’. In the next week or so I’ll book in for my 12 week scan & blood tests.

Also tomorrow I am getting a treatment from the Osteo which I (and Grape) are very much looking forward to. I am not quite sure what Grape has done to me but my lower back is super sore on one side, and I am feeling out of whack. I have googled and the osteo is fine if you are pregnant, but dry needling is not. 

Anyway I am getting super hungry, maybe a little bit hangry so I’m off. 

– Jen


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