9 weeks and 2 days and so tired

It’s 8:44pm which means its only 16 minutes until I hit ‘the wall’. That’s right, no matter what once the clock hits 9pm its like I’ve been hit by a ton of bricks. Today we had another Christening and it was hard not to want to tell everyone when we were altogether. But Grape best stay a secret for another couple of weeks.

After this Friday (10 weeks hooray!) its only 2 weeks until we can tell people which will go pretty quickly.

This week will go quick too, its Anzac Day on Thursday and I’m heading to Melbourne on  Friday helping my friend Rach out while she competes in a race. I have Monday off work too because I’m tipping I will be stuffed after the weekend. Its also Grape Dad’s birthday on Monday so I might try and organise something special for that.

My skin is starting to play up again, although now we know why its not quite as worrying, but still frustrating. Not much I can do about it. I’m pretty calm at the moment so its not ‘stress’ just those unhelpful pregnancy hormones.

What else? I’m done googling stuff pretty much, got the ‘can I eat that’ question about most stuff organised. The odd thing will pop up like.. tofu. I wouldn’t have been surprised if that was one of those freaky deaky things you can’t eat but apparently its recommended and is fine to eat. What else? Custard. Has egg in it, but the egg is cooked so its okay apparently. We went out for breakfast yesterday morning and I didn’t feel like anything because I felt so sick. Also can’t have runny egg so my usual bacon & egg roll was out. Went for pancakes again. I am getting sick of pancakes. Yes, I know. I can’t believe it either.

Still have to make sure I drink enough water. I’m actually really good at this during the week while I’m at work, but not great on weekends. That’s always been the case but I need to make a real effort to drink more.

Well. Its now 8:56pm and I have almost hit the wall…

Bye for now

– Jen

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