11 weeks and 1 day – May the Fourth be with you

Its only appropriate that this post references todays date which is ‘Star Wars Day’. 

I didn’t blog last week, not much was changing so didn’t really have to update you on!

Cravings for all things salty are still continuing although I have managed to get some salads going now, although tomato is totally off the table. Steak is also a bit bleh!

I was in Melbourne this week for work and I told my bosses about Grape. They were so supportive and lovely. A little worried about losing me for 12 months, but mostly supportive! And lets be honest, everyone likes to know they will be missed.

Nausea has continued ALL DAY if I get the slightest bit hungry, I almost threw up in a taxi on the way to the airport in Melbourne. Qantas club didn’t have enough salty food either!

Last weekend I was in Melbourne for Marysville to Melbourne doing support crew for my friend Rach. It was interesting being pregnant while most people didn’t know, although a lot of people were wondering why I wasn’t racing myself. Grape behaved itself really well with a bit of nausea in the mornings I was away but was fine when I got some food into me.

One thing that isn’t going so well is my lower back. I’ve had pretty severe pain in what I think is my SI joint, I’ve been to the osteo every week for the past four weeks with no improvement. I’ve got an appointment on Tuesday with my usual osteo and I’m hoping he has some solutions. Google tells me this is not unusual and usually resolves itself either during the pregnancy or after the birth. I’m concentrating on using my core as this seems to make a massive difference to being able to get back up if I bend over or getting out of bed. Tying my shoelaces is pretty painful!! Trying to stay positive and hope it goes away soon.

Exercise is not going so well, especially with my back, but I am trying. I rode yesterday morning, just 30kms easy and it was fine. This afternoon I took a friend of the man’s for a paddle lesson and that was okay too. Must keep paddling, I’m just happy I’ve still been getting out a bit. Tomorrow its the Nail Can Hill race and I’m riding my mtb up to Nail Can to cheer on a friend who is doing the bike race. Looking forward to that. 

We are also looking forward to this coming Friday when I will be 12 weeks! It is Mothers Day on Sunday and we are going to tell Nan and then Skype Shell and tell her. We both can’t wait!

That’s it for now. 

– Jen

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