Goodbye Nausea, hello Emo Grape

The past three days I’ve been back on the bike and feeling better and better. My back is a lot better, I think since I’ve started riding again – who knows. Either way I’ll take it.

This morning I met the boys out on their usual ride and although I was a bit nervous about riding with them I kept up perfectly fine and felt really good without feeling like I was overdoing it.

I’ve had no nausea today at all which has been amazing! You forget what its like to not feel like you are going to throw up all.the.time. 

But to replace nausea I am now incredibly emotional, which is more annoying than anything because I know that its just the hormones but I am still teary. Once I cry though, then I feel awesome. So I guess that’s.. nice.

Right now I’m hungry – but not nauseous! Time for dinner. 

– Jen

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