The 12 week scan

This week we had our ’12 week scan’ or if you like to get scary our nuchal translucency (NT) scan. This measures the collection of fluid under the skin at the back of Grape’s neck. It can only be done at a certain number of weeks, between 11 and 13 weeks and 6 days. I was booked in at 12 weeks and 3 days so pretty much spot on. The measurement gives you an indication of any chromosomal abnormalities and is done with a blood test. The blood test, scan and your age give you a risk factor. 

For whatever reason I was worried about this scan. I have no idea why. Maybe worried about the ‘what if something is wrong, what would we do’. I’ve been pretty good stress wise so far, really good actually. Barring a few tears here and there which I haven’t had much control over and are hormone related not because I’m worried about anything I’ve been okay. 

But I seemed to be in two minds, one in the new ‘keep the baby calm’ mind where I knew logically there was such a small chance of anything being wrong and the old mind where ‘oh my god there’s a small chance of something being wrong’. I was pretty cool until about an hour before the scan when old mind took over full control and I was NERVOUS! Sorry Grape!

I may have even rang the testing place twice, to check I didn’t need to have a full bladder and then because I forgot to ask if they definitely had my blood test so we could get our full results on the same day. No to the first, and yes to the second. Phew.

Then as I was leaving work I thought, well what if Grape is still down super low, I should have a little bit in my bladder just in case. Of course they ran late so by the time we got in, I really needed to pee.

Before I get onto that I have to say, what kind of deranged waiting room plays ‘Small Bump’ by Ed Sheeran. I can’t listen to the song without crying by the end of it. Not a song for pregnant women nervous about scans that’s for sure. 

Anyway so we finally go in and the sonographer was so lovely, I felt totally calm straight away. Her name was Helen and she was just awesome. She kept referring to Grape as ‘our little friend’. We couldn’t see Grape too well because of my bladder squashing him or her so I had to go pee before we could keep going. Best pee ever!

So anyway, take 2. straight away there’s Grape. One leg crossed over the other waving its arms around. Helen says Grape is not in a good position for doing the measurements so she scouts around for a bit, here’s the right arm, left arm and legs. There’s some fingers. Then Grape rolled over. Okay our little friend is definitely not in the right spot. Helen has to jab my belly a bit before Grape gets in a position good enough to do the measurement. She ums and ahs. Is this bad? 

Then she asks ‘how confident were you guys in the due date you were given?’. As it happens we weren’t 100% sold on it, and Helen thinks I’m a few days or a week further along. 

So then Helen has to go and make some phone calls and talk to Dr Wass The Boss so they can redo my numbers for the blood test. She comes back and says she’s going to get Dr Wass in to give us the results and then breezily mentions on her way out ‘its good news’. The man and I beam at each other. 
Dr Wass comes in and she’s terrifying, but funny as well. Cuts to the chase, based on my age there’s a 1 in 769 chance, combined with the blood test and the scan its a 1 in 14000 chance so we’re good to go! Complete with our ultrasound photos. 

I have never felt joy like that before. Seeing Grape in there, who is apparently about 7-8cms long having a grand old time swimming around made us so happy! I went back to work afterwards and told a few people which was nice. I’ve been reluctant to tell people in the last week or so but now feel much better about it. 

So my new due date is either the 16th or 17th of November, Helen said 17th, Dr Wass said 16th. Lets be honest we just need a ballpark figure!

By the way Grape, I am still waiting on my awesome skin and hair to appear, if you could tee that up soon it would be great! I do appreciate the nausea disappearing though. And the return of craving vegetables instead of chips, thats pretty alright too.

That’s about it for now, but I do have two photos to share:Image

Here’s Grape – kicking back.



Here’s me – kicking back also.

– Jen

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