Level up!

With little to no experience with babies I am only just getting used to being around them and their mysterious baby ways. It wasn’t until the other night when a friends 3 week old baby was crying and I picked it up without thinking about it that I went ‘woah, that was kind of cool’. And tonight, I changed my first nappy without supervision! AND it was all kinds of nasty too. 

LEVEL UP!!! I’ve got this.



– Jen

ps 14 weeks today! 

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2 Responses to Level up!

  1. Jeanette & Dave says:

    Hey Jen, really enjoyed reading this keep it up as it is nice that we can know whats going on…We are so rapted for you guys and I know Matt will look after you he is such a great guy. take care xx

  2. Loving the pic, and loving the mental image of you doing the nappy change … One down, several thousand to go 🙂

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