An update. 17 weeks-ish

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been flat out growing a baby and working a LOT..

A bit has changed, but at the same time not much! My belly is more noticeable now, at least I think it is. But I’m feeling more comfortable than I was a few weeks ago. I feel like Grape is a bit more settled where as before I was getting lots of random pains here and there, probably while he or she pushed some organs out of the way.

I’m definitely exercising less, but still getting some in and more than most pregnant women I imagine!

This week the man and I went to see Dr Thomas, the lobstertrician who we both liked a lot. We got to hear Grape’s heartbeat, which was a bit high at 168, but nothing to worry about. I didn’t mention that my heart rate is always high, even when I was really fit.


The Lobstertrician?

An old wives tale is that the higher the heart rate, you’re more likely to be having a girl. But another tale is that if you crave savoury things rather than sweet, or crave salt you are having a boy. So what gives Grape?

I liked Dr Thomas because he said I could keep doing whatever exercise I wanted as long as I was comfortable and disagreed with Dr Dopey and her ‘brisk walking only’ exercise regime.

My boss has taken to asking after ‘Gilbert’ all the time, I hope he isn’t disappointed when we don’t name him or her Gilbert. That is not on our list of names.

Also went to see Mum today and remembered to ask if I arrived on time when I was born and she said I was two weeks late! I don’t even know if they let you go that late anymore! Possibly another old wives tale anyway!

I am off to Melbourne for work this week, which means squeezing into more formal work attire than my ‘good jeans’ and top combination which has been allowing me to work while feeling pretty comfortable. So that should be fun!

Until next time,

– Jen

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One Response to An update. 17 weeks-ish

  1. Very exciting! I thought pregnancy was the case with that accudental blog post, but I didn’t want to ask. Congratulations to you and The Man 🙂

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