Week 20 – now with stuff to report

So after week 18 finished (where pregnancy didn’t seem so exciting after all), stuff started happening in week 19. I started feeling little ‘flutters’ which I *thought* might have been Grape but wasn’t sure until I was lying in bed last Sunday night and most definitely felt Grape kicking me! 

After that I felt it all week, stronger flutters and a few big kicks. The man hadn’t felt it yet, everytime Grape was active and he tried to feel it, all went quiet! 

Thursday we had our first midwife appointment and also booked into the hospital. The midwife was lovely and we both really enjoyed it. We got to hear Grape’s heart beat again, and Grape, ever the performing baby kicked three times for the midwife and I, and not once for the man

I asked the midwife if the heart rate was normal as last time the doctor mentioned it was a little bit high, but apparently it was spot on which was good to hear.

The midwife also told us about the importance of eating well, which I thought was a given but she explained that when you are pregnant, the baby gets everything good out of what you eat, and you basically get the scraps. Which was a good way to explain it.

Today was our 20 week scan which I think was more exciting for the man than me. I feel Grape kicking a lot where as he doesn’t have that. He has now felt it once, and commented “is *that* it”, he wasn’t that impressed. I guess it feels bigger on my end!

We got a DVD and some photos, and two are in 3D. Its kind of…freaky looking.  A lumpy little alien. And Shell has already pointed out one hand looks like a lobster claw. 

The scan went well, despite Grape not rolling over and being able to measure its brain very well. We got there in the end, but it didn’t make it easy! We decided not to find out the sex, but the man is thinking its a girl. And he’s usually right! We shall see!

Anyway, here’s Grape, our lumpy little alien baby. Definitely looks like it needs to be cooked for a lot longer!

‘Til next time,

– JenImage


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