Week 21 – a great week

I had a great week this week despite deciding to ditch the road bike.  Getting up hills was getting too hard, especially the massive one up to our place. My heart rate was through the roof and I was worried about falling off if I had to stop.

It was a tough decision to make as I felt like I was giving up a bit early, and I did get a couple of good group rides in last week. But I wasn’t enjoying my riding because I was worried about Grape. On a positive note I took the mtb out for a spin the other night and found that it was really good! I did lots of climbing too, well 274m over the 10 or so km I rode.

I kept up with my walking too, I walked 10km before meeting up with the man and some friends for breakfast last Saturday, and then I got 9km in on Tuesday too. And walked to work and home everyday (almost 2km each way), except for today when I rode my bike.

Grape’s been kicking away a bit and I’ve been feeling it higher up now, above my belly button which has been pretty cool!

Today was a big bump day, that is I got a lot of comments about how big I’m looking. I wasn’t offended, its nice to be past the “is she pregnant or has she had too many chips” stage.

All in all, a good week!

– Jen

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