Bikes, babies and…biscuits

I made some changes to Jentopia which include merging jentopiajunior the blog I created for baby related posts into my normal Jentopia blog.

I wasn’t sure whether to do that or not but managing two blogs was annoying. I started blogging about a pet crab in 2005, then just random ‘life’ stuff and then it kind of turned into a home for my race reports, and now here I am blogging about a Grape. I think its fine. You don’t have to read about Grape if you don’t want to, or maybe now I’m not blogging about racing you might like to read it more! 

As for the biscuits, well that just worked out well for a bit of alliteration. Maybe you can witness my rise as a mummy blogger extraordinaire when I start baking and posting recipes. I’d like to do that but I fear lack of cooking ability might get in the way!  

Thanks Jase for helping with a new tagline! 

– Jen

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