Week 23 – but a 24 week sized Grape

We had our 22 week midwife appointment this week, when I was 23 1/2 weeks. A bit behind, but we couldn’t get an earlier appointment.

We liked this midwife too, but she was a little….giggly. Alright, she laughed like a hyena. A lot. And the appointment was a bit of a nothing appointment, just got a referral for a blood test to have done before my 28 week appointment and she had a chat to us about making sure we were getting organised for the baby. Yes, we are getting organised.. by trying to get organised to knock down some walls in our house.

Seriously though, we do need to buy some more baby stuff than just the inflatable duck bath I bought today. Even though it is awesome.


She did measure my bump though, and either Grape is also renovating in there or we’re another week in front because I have a 24 week sized bump, not a 23 week sized one. Although come to think of it with my appointment on Wednesday I was 23 1/2 weeks, which *is* almost 24 weeks anyway. And I have definitely not approved any development applications from Grape.

Exercise wise I had a really good week. Monday I jumped on the trainer and rode for an hour. It was a little boring, but just being on the road bike was awesome.

Wednesday night I finally bit the bullet and went to pregnancy yoga. My nervousness reminded me a lot of the first time I ever went to the strength and stretch classes I used to go to. I don’t like meeting new people and I don’t like feeling stupid, which is generally how I feel doing anything like that.

Thankfully a lot of the yoga ‘poses’ were the same as the stretches I used to do and there was only about 5 minutes in the class where I felt totally out of my depth, but when I looked around, everyone else was stuffing up too so I felt better after that. Plus, my usual lack of co-ordination can be excused for having a human being growing out the front of me!

At the end of the class you get to lie down and they cover you with blankets and some eye mask thing while you do some ‘breathing’ and think about your baby. That was my favourite bit. I think I’ll go again. Grape enjoyed it too.

Friday morning I rode for 45 minutes on the trainer. Saturday morning I walked a hilly 10kms. Sunday morning I slept in until 9:30am. But I did go and watch the end of the Wagga to Albury road race which looked very tiring.

Not too bad! Until next time, namaste.

Kidding, not a yoga hippy!

– Jen

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