More yoga with my ‘Grapebino’

I bumped into a girl I used to work with today as we were walking into work and she asked me if I’d walked to work like it was the craziest thing ever to do (its not even 3km). She mentioned how when she was pregnant it was a great excuse not to do much. And here I was thinking I was slack because all I’d done was walk to work that morning! And FYI, I don’t normally wear my runners with skinny jeans, so yes I was definitely walking to work. And why yes I am still wearing skinny jeans. And no, I don’t know how that works either. They’re actually the only pair of pants I have that do fit, I think because they’re so stretchy at the top!

Anyway yesterday morning I did 35 minutes on the trainer which was great, I was going to do 45 minutes but used the extra 10 minutes afterwards to have a good stretch as my upper back (sorry my thoracic spinehas been really sore.

Then last night I went to yoga again. Loved it. I think Grape liked it too as I could feel some serious kicking going on while I was busting out the ‘legs up the wall’ pose – google it, that is a thing! I felt a lot less uncoordinated and really, pregnant women can only move so fast, its not too hard to keep up. I felt amazing afterwards and walked home afterwards feeling really relaxed.

I really like being a room full of other pregnant women whose bodies are also doing all kinds of amazing things! Its nice to be able to talk to people about those crazy things as I’m sure my non pregnant friends are over hearing about it. I also like how the instructor calls the babies, bambinos. So my Grapebino it is.

Since I started stretching and being a bit more aware of my posture my back is almost feeling 100%, I think its a combination of no paddling, sitting down all day at work oh and yeah, being pregnant. I did book an appointment with the osteo for next week, I haven’t been since my first trimester when my lower back was really bad. Now my back is so much better I was tempted to cancel but its probably good to get a check up anyway.

That’s about it for now…here’s a photo of what I probably look like doing yoga. Manny from Black Books doing the ‘worm saluting the sun’.

worm saluting the sun





– Jen


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