Meal planning like a boss!

I’ve mentioned this before but since getting pregnant all of a sudden I can cook. 

I realised things were a bit askew when I made a frittata a couple of months ago. A roast vegetable one no less. Then I went a bit soup crazy. Now I’m looking up meal planning and how to make taco seasoning mix from scratch. 

For the past few weeks now I’ve been shopping on a Sunday/Monday and getting stuff for a whole week. I know thats what most people do but since we moved in together we’ve never been more than a few hundred metres from a supermarket and our habit was to decide what we were eating for dinner on the day. A bad, expensive habit as we ended up wasting a lot of food. 

When I was training most days after work the man would pick up stuff on his way home from work and generally have it ready to go for me to scarf when I walked in the door. Worked out well for me except if he was tired and then we’d have Japanese. Yes, he cooked me dinner pretty much every night. Yes, I was pretty spoilt!

Now that he works longer hours than I do, and I’m not training I’ve taken over the cooking/shopping. Its mostly been a success. I’m not particularly inventive but also the man is kind of a fussy eater. Just texture wise really. He does like most vegies, but not mashed potato (texture). Doesn’t like tofu (texture and also its not meat). Still, plenty to work with. 

Over the past week we had:

Saturday: I had tofu stirfry. I was craving vegies and brown rice. The man did his own thing, I think he had rice cakes with salad and ham. Okay not a great example to lead off with..

Sunday: Soup (Nan’s Vegie Soup – contains bacon hock so ticks meat requirement)

Monday: Leftover soup

Tuesday: Steak & Veg

Wednesday: Steak & Veg (defrosted steak we didn’t eat last week that I froze). 

Thursday: Curried sausages (from scratch – mixed success. Was nice, but too unhealthy for me to eat on a regular basis – very very salty. Could serve with more veg which would mean less of the sausage part and would be nicer).

Friday: Chicken, chorizo and bean burritos with whole wheat wraps. Definitely a success. We will add kidney beans to our mexican meals from now on. Have investigated homemade seasoning mix to use instead of packet one.

A successful week really. Tomorrow I am making soup. I have a parsnip left over from the soup I made on Sunday and will also use up the rest of the stock from the curried sausages. I also have a leftover bit of chorizo from tonights dinner so will make a lentil, chorizo & vege soup.
We are painting all day tomorrow so soup will be an easy dinner for after that.

Tonight I worked on a spreadsheet and listed every single meal we eat regularly. What is our ‘go to’ stuff. Then I made another list of things I would like to try and make like zucchini slice (if I put bacon in it the man might eat it) and proper bolognese sauce. 

It highlighted how much of the same we eat and that I can improve on making stuff from scratch, but that overall we are doing okay. If we have steak and steamed veg twice a week so what. The man has a rule that you have to have four different vegies. Our standard is broccoli, cauliflower, carrot and beans + he has a steamed potato. I am not a fan of plain potato so leave that to him. Unless he’s roasting the potato and then I am IN! 

So we’re pretty good vegie wise! But could do with some more interesting meals. 

Anyway, its a massive improvement. And leaves more time when I get home to go for a walk or hop on the trainer for 45 minutes.

See, its all happening! Like.A.Boss.

– Jen

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