25 weeks and worn out (today)

I can’t believe its the end of another week! They seem to go so fast and before I know its Friday again! Not a bad thing, but wow, it just feels like time is going really quickly.

I definitely *feel* pregnant now, and look it too. Depending on how I feel at any particular minute comments like ‘wow! look how big you are’ can either make me feel warm and fuzzy or like pushing you into moving traffic. One girl at yoga said to me ‘oh look at your cute little bump’ (A+ comment). Someone else said ‘woah! look at you’. You can guess which person I felt like pushing in front of a bus.

Grape is making itself more comfortable everyday by bashing me into whatever shape it wants. Its uncomfortable sitting on the couch now and getting up is hard. Actually you know what is hard..putting on my shoes!! I dread it every morning!

Earlier this week I felt like maybe Grape wasn’t as active as last week but last night was hilarious. The man tapped on my belly a bit sort of like a ‘knock knock’ hello. Grape was either really excited about that or really angry! Then today at work I had a couple of big kicks. The rest of the time has just been gentle little kicks every so often.

Right now, my ribs are super sore adding to my ‘uncomfortableness’ and whereas last night I said to the man ‘I like being pregnant’ today I feel like my bump is trying to both expand under and over my ribs at the same time and I am not a happy chappy!

I am writing this our new rocker/recliner. It is very nice to sit in. Unfortunately Schroddy loves sitting on my lap in it. Those cats are going to get a shock when Grape arrives! They don’t cope well with change at the best of times so renovations + a new baby is really going to freak them out!

I don’t know if you can tell from this post, but I am feeling very flat. Not sure why! That’s being pregnant for you I guess. I went to yoga last night but felt like I stuffed up every pose and then when we were returning to our mats after a stretch on the wall I went and sat on some other girls mat. I did wonder why I was so close to the front and I looked up and there was a girl awkwardly asking me about being on her mat. So embarrassing. But I just muttered something about baby brain and shuffled off to my original mat.

Our fantastic electrician is also expecting a baby around the same time as us (or his partner is). He brought me over a copy of their 4D ultrasound which they had done at 27 weeks. They went to Melbourne for it and its called a ‘bonding scan’ – basically a really relaxed/fun scan just so you can see what bub is up to! Its pretty amazing, the 3D pictures no longer look like an alien, and when we watched the video you could even see their baby yawning! Very cute!

It wasn’t prohibitively expensive either but I think we’re just as content with waiting to see what Grape looks like in November.

The man told me he is going to Thailand for work for a week in mid September which I am not particularly happy about. I know, its still super early but *what* if something happens! I think I mentioned to him I’d kill him if he wasn’t there. But I’m a bit foggy if I did say that or if I just thought it. Here it is in writing anyway. I’m sure it will be fine, I will use the week to eat all the things he doesn’t like. Like tofu stirfry, soups that aren’t chunky…bread? Okay so its not that much really. I expect a pretty good present when he gets back that’s for sure.

Well, I think its bedtime now, hopefully I just need a good nights sleep and I’ll feel better tomorrow. Friday, yay!

– Jen

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One Response to 25 weeks and worn out (today)

  1. Sarah Leslie says:

    Congrats Jen! I only just picked up on you being pregnant. My business partner, Kara, had her first baby jut over a week ago and seeing her basically daily through her pregnancy I got to see the changes you’re talking about… So just so you know you’re not alone!! The hormones do weird things, at the same point as you there were times when I thought she wanted to kill people and times where she clearly loved being pregnant… After the 6month mark it all seemed to settle down and she clearly enjoyed the whole being pregnant thing but she always hated the ‘look how big you are’ comments… If looks could kill! Knowing you and how fit and trim you are I’m sure you have a beautiful little baby bump!! :-). Enjoy, keen to hear your progress! S x

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