The happiest reason ever for feeling like crap

So far I’ve done a lot of whinging about being pregnant – it is excellent blog post material!  But I haven’t mentioned all of the awesome that is being pregnant. My friend Alex sent me something she saw on Pinterest the other day which said ‘pregnancy is the happiest reason ever for feeling like crap’.

Well its true. And there are so many nice things about being pregnant but I thought I’d try and list 10 (in no particular order).

1. You’re growing a baby – straight up that’s pretty damn amazing!
2. You can blame pretty much anything you want on either pregnancy hormones or baby
3. You can’t clean out the cat litter because you aren’t allowed to
4. You suddenly develop amazing cooking skills
5. Telling people you’re pregnant is usually fun and brings happiness (unless your sister is
in London and homesick..
6. Strangers are really nice to you (I had a lovely chat with an old guy in the queue for
coffee this morning about babies)
7. Ultrasounds are amazing (except creepy 3D ones)
8. Exercising is more efficient – you only have to do a quarter of what you used to be able
to do to feel twice as tired!
9. You generally eat better (the first few months of cravings for chips aside!)
get more rest and an enforced rest from alcohol is great!
10. Getting the absolute crap kicked out of you on a daily basis. I think this might be my
favourite so far.

– Jen

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