28 weeks..finally

I don’t know why but with every week that I’m pregnant I seem to be happier about being ‘more pregnant’. For some reason I had ’28 weeks’ in my head as being ‘proper pregnant’. Well 28 weeks flew by and tomorrow I’ll be 29 weeks. Which is close to 30 weeks which sounds REALLY pregnant.

Keep in mind I’ve been doing this since 12 weeks. 13 weeks was much better than being 12 weeks! And what a milestone 16 weeks was! You can see I don’t have much else to occupy my mind with.

Anyway, 28 weeks. What did we do?

We got a cot. We got a pram. We got a chest of drawers with a change table thinger. Oh and we got a car seat! Oh and we got a little sheet set which was very cute. The sheets, car seat and pram have yet to be unloaded from the car due to the amount of stuff in our house at the moment and the cot and chest of drawers don’t arrive for a few weeks.

But the man had a lesson on putting the cot together, and the nice man who put the car seat in also gave us some instructions. Its pretty complex stuff and I’m pretty sure if you can’t figure it out they don’t let you be parents so I’m hoping the man was paying attention.

We had our 28 week midwife appointment which went well. I don’t have gestational diabetes, yay. I am low in vitamin D but so is everyone in Albury at the moment. Anyway, I have some supplements to take. I think after the sunshine this weekend I should be right!

Grape has had a busy week, I regularly feel a big lump appear out of my stomach now which the midwife thinks is either a knee or an elbow. Or could be Grape mooning me. And lots and lots of movement which has been fun and pretty special.

Next Friday is our antenatal class which should be interesting. I’m hoping that is where they teach you about what the heck it is you do with babies. I looked after a friends 8 month old today. I had no clue what I was doing. We both survived though!

Until next week!

– Jen





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