Simple bolognese sauce

I am terrible at making bolognese sauce from scratch. It never ever tastes as good as when you make it with the stuff out of the jar. It’s just like there is always something missing and it always tastes a bit ‘mincey’. I don’t know!

Anyway, I gave another recipe a go tonight, it was nice, I’d eat it again but still…not enough flavour.

I can’t really pinpoint what it needs either. The recipe did call for a bay leaf which I thought we had but I couldn’t find so left out. Perhaps that would have made all the difference?

Anyway the recipe I used was Donna Hay’s basic bolognese sauce, it certainly was basic enough! But I dunno! The parsley and parmesan made it a great dinner for me but still…I miss all those artificial flavourings and thickeners!

I will keep trying and will make this again, but will give myself more time to make it as I was a bit rushed. Will add the bay leaf and maybe some red wine next time.

Looks good though!


– Jen

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