30 weeks – just worn out

I was really looking forward to 30 weeks (THIRTY WEEKS!), except I am totally exhausted, and its only Tuesday! Totally worn out. I feel like I’m 12 weeks pregnant again! I am hoping this is just an off week and not the start of feeling tired again, I still have 10 weeks to go, and still have to function at work for another 5 or so weeks yet!

The only good thing about being so tired is that the last two nights I’ve slept the whole night instead of waking up at 2:20am and relocating to the couch like I have for the past month! Its been every night, at 2:20am. Super weird! 

What else? Oh yeah! We had our antenatal class last Friday which was good. A lot I already knew but some things I didn’t so overall I was glad we went. They brought in a one day old baby for its first bath, it was so tiny and all shivery when the midwife was undressing it I almost teared up, it was so little!! 

We also had a tour of the ward & birth suite which was good. 

Exercise is still going well, I have yet to walk my bike up our hill and without fail every time I get to the top I smirk and think “in your FACE hill”. I thought I would be doing well if I could just make it to 30 weeks, and until this week started I had plans on making it longer but I think I’m going to be walking up it pretty soon! 


Last week was great, I did a big walk on Sunday, then rode home from work via Mungab twice and also got out for a bike path MTB with @mattunderground on Saturday, for about 25kms which was great – nice to have company and we got coffee!

Tonight I did a 15km ride which was also good but I’m pretty worn out now. I still find it hilarious how little I can do and feel just as tired as if I’d ridden for 4 hours.
Very efficient thanks Grape!

photo-14 copy
It’s definitely bed time now, so will leave it there for this week. Oh, and here are a couple of photos from the past week. I am loving our new chair, and so is Schroddy who is just fitting in wherever she can!

– Jen

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